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  Starting its business in optical field in China from early 1990’s, Genuine Optronics Limited (the former Lamda Pacific Inc.) has now become a well known specialist and a distributor focusing on photonics in China.
  Genuine Optronics Limited is now representing more than twenty photonics and laser companies from USA, Europe, Japan and Korea. Among them are many famous and leading companies, such as ZYGO, Continuum, J.A.Woollam, Coherent, CVI Melles Griot, Light Conversion, Laser Components, NP Photonics, Radiant Dyes, Meadowlark, Daeil Systems , MueTec, and so on. The products from these companies cover a wide range from fs and ns high-energy pulsed laser, tunable laser, gas laser, diode laser, fiber laser, ellipsometer, polarimeter, detector, and optical-mechanics to various accessories.
  Committed to Chinese photonics market, our qualified sales engineers and application engineers will help you at each phase of your purchase to find an elaborated solution tailored for your applications, starting from project planning, products selecting to technical scheme designing. Our experienced service team will perform installation, operation& maintenance training and system upgrade upon your request.

  For more information about specific products, please visit pages below:

Continuum: pulsed YAG laser and tunable laser system
CVI Melles Griot: gas laser, DPSS laser, diode laser
Light Conversion: picosecond/ femtosecond laser system and OPA
NP Photonics: narrow linewidth fiber laser
Radiant Dyes: dye laser
Amonics: fiber laser amplifier
Laser Components: pulsed laser diode
PAR System: CO2 Laser
J.A.Woollam: ellipsometer
Coherent: Laser Measurement & Control
Shack-Hartmann wavefront analysis
surface inspector
CD/ Overlayer measurement, Defect inspector
CVI Melles Griot: Optical components, Optical system, Hardware & Positioners
Laser Components: Optics, APD, coatings
Exciton: laser dyes
Daeil System: vibration isolation table
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